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Our Mission

iLearn Education was founded with the singular goal of fostering bright, capable children in order to help them achieve long-term success. We offer enrichment classes in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Robotics Programming to students from PreK-12th. We’ve assembled a team of highly trained educators dedicated to the cultivation and education of our students. Using a custom-designed curriculum, our highly skilled team has created an enrichment learning environment specialized to build academic confidence, ignite intellectual curiosity, and inspire a love for creative learning.

English Department

Within the English Department, students will learn how to showcase the mastery of their writing skills with interactive, project-based tasks that are applicable to real-world experiences and roles. Students will learn how to write daily reports and news articles, how to properly research scientific topics for research papers, and how to write their own imaginative stories using various literary devices.


Leadership Department

The goal of the Leadership Department is to encourage students to become empowered public speakers so they can speak strongly and clearly about what issues are important to them. Our classes emphasize important critical thinking skills, the consideration of bias and alternate points of view, and how to work as part of a team. As our programs focus on mastering fundamentals of public speaking, such as articulation, grammar, reading, writing, and research skill-building, higher-level classes will also teach multiple forms of academic and competitive debating, as well as studying historical speeches and public forums. Armed with knowledge and critical analysis skills, students will be able to become policy advocates working towards social justice, highly capable of competing with their teammates in front of audiences and their peers.



Our Math department introduces important math concepts that are designed to give students a foundation to tackle increasingly complex topics. Our program is based on four key elements: Core Curriculum, Mental Math, Problem-solving, and exciting challenges. The material is carefully chosen by our experienced teachers in order to challenge students beyond their current grade level, importing different elements such as Singapore Math, Drill Practice, Olympiad Math, and Competitive Math. These classes are competitive, and fun, and push students at every level while promoting cooperation, strategic thinking, and inspiring confidence.

Science Department

At iLearn Education, we offer something unique: a comprehensive education with a focus on the sciences. We are proud to offer courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and more, all taught by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

Our aim is to ensure that every student who enrolls in our program is given the opportunity to explore, learn and grow, and to develop their skills and knowledge in the scientific disciplines. We strive to create an engaging, stimulating and inspiring learning environment for all our students.

Private Lessons

Private appointments are available in order to allow flexibility for all schedules. Private sessions can be set for 60-120 minutes in academic subjects of their choosing. To maximize growth, students are assessed during their first session, in order to create an effective lesson plan tailored to their level and needs.

1:1 Focus

Receive focused education taught by our exceptional instructors.


Your time, your schedule. Both in person and online.

Customized Lesson Plan

Academic lessons tailored to your students needs

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