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Private School Application

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Application Process

Aug - Oct


Express interest in the school by contacting the admissions office or submitting an online inquiry form.

Oct - Dec

School Tour / Open House / 

Student and Parent Interview:

Visit the school campus during a tour or open house event, where prospective families can meet teachers and administrators, and participate in interviews with admission officers.

Oct - Dec

Application Form /

Student and Parent Statement

Complete the school's application form, which gathers detailed information about the student, including personal details, academic history, extracurricular activities, and any special needs or considerations. Also, submit personal statements or essays from both the student and the parent, showcasing the student's interests, goals, values, and the family's reasons for choosing the school.

Oct - Dec

Transcripts and Teacher Recommendations:

Provide transcripts or report cards from the student's current or previous 1-2 years of schooling to evaluate academic performance. Additionally, secure teacher recommendations that offer insights into the student's abilities, character, and work habits.

Oct - Dec

Test and Assessment:

Take standardized tests like the ISEE or SSAT, as required by the school. The school may also conduct its own assessments or evaluations to assess specific skills and abilities.

Dec - Jan

Application Deadline:

Submit all required documents and forms before the specified application deadline. Typically, application deadlines are in late December to early January.

Feb - Mar

Enrollment Decision:

Enrollment decisions are typically released around March. If accepted, Families receive an enrollment contract, information about tuition and fees, and any additional steps needed to secure the student's place at the school.

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