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Academic Writing 1st-6th

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AW Grade 1st - 2nd

This course focuses on enhancing students' abilities in grammar usage and mechanics, content organization and focus, and written applications across different genres. Students will engage with informative and persuasive writing genres, enabling them to effectively convey information and persuade their readers.

A key aspect of this course is developing research skills. Students will learn how to utilize resources and references to gather information, take effective notes, and analyze data. They will also practice the skill of comparing and contrasting different ideas or concepts, as well as providing step-by-step instructions through a how-to writing style. These skills will equip students with the tools necessary to conduct research, organize their thoughts, and present their ideas coherently.

Additionally, this course emphasizes the development of academic vocabulary. Students will expand their vocabulary through exposure to academic texts and targeted vocabulary exercises. This expanded vocabulary will enhance their ability to express themselves clearly and accurately in their writing.

Throughout the course, students will progress through the different stages of the writing process, starting from pre-writing and brainstorming, to drafting and revising, and finally to producing final drafts. By honing these writing skills, students will be prepared to succeed in various educational environments and develop a strong foundation for their future writing endeavors.

By participating in "Academic Writing for Grade 1-2," students will develop essential writing skills, including grammar usage, content organization, and focus across different genres. They will also acquire research skills, learn to compare and contrast, and develop the ability to provide step-by-step instructions. Moreover, the expansion of their academic vocabulary will enable them to express their thoughts and ideas effectively. This course lays the groundwork for students to become confident and proficient writers, setting them on a path towards success in their academic pursuits.

AW Grade 3rd - 4th

This course focuses on developing advanced writing skills in various genres, including expository writing and research papers. Students will explore the intricacies of research skills, evaluating sources, proper citations, and crafting strong thesis statements. Additionally, they will learn to create effective leads and conclusions, enhancing the overall structure and impact of their writing.

In this course, students will also review different writing genres, including narrative, informative, and opinion essays. They will engage in creative writing activities and delve into poetry and figurative language, fostering their creativity and linguistic skills. Throughout the writing process, students will experience multiple stages, including pre-writing, rough drafts, self-review, S.T.A.R. (Substitute, Take Away, Add, Rearrange) revision, first typed drafts, teacher review, editing, typed final drafts, and publishing or presenting their work to the class. This comprehensive approach ensures that students develop a thorough understanding of the writing process and refine their pieces to a high standard.

The course incorporates focused mini-lessons, dedicated writing time, and self-assessment to support students' growth as writers. Students will also conduct online research, both in class and at home, to gather information and data that will be embedded in their written papers. Throughout the course, students will apply standard English conventions, with structured grammar lessons and language review to strengthen their language proficiency.

By participating in "Academic Writing for Grade 3-4," students will produce complex, multiple-paragraph pieces, demonstrating their mastery of narrative, informative, and opinion essays. They will refine their research skills, engage in creative writing, and explore various writing genres. With a focus on the writing process and grammar conventions, students will develop strong writing abilities and become effective communicators. This course prepares students to excel in their academic writing endeavors and cultivates a lifelong appreciation for the power of effective written expression.

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AW Grade 5th - 6th (DBQ)

A key focus of this course is the introduction of the Document-Based Question (DBQ) format, which prepares students for analytical and evidence-based writing, The primary goal of this course is to provide students with the proper tools and techniques to become proficient writers. Students will learn the fundamental components of academic writing, including thesis development, organization of ideas, effective paragraph structure, and proper use of evidence and examples. They will also develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to analyze and evaluate information from different perspectives.

The inclusion of the DBQ format in this course allows students to engage with primary and secondary sources and construct well-supported arguments. They will learn how to effectively interpret and analyze documents, make connections between sources, and craft cohesive and persuasive essays. By mastering the DBQ format, students will gain valuable skills that are essential for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Throughout the course, students will engage in writing exercises and receive constructive feedback to refine their writing skills. They will also learn essential editing and revising strategies to enhance the clarity, coherence, and organization of their work. Additionally, grammar and language usage will be reinforced to ensure students' written expression is clear and accurate.


By participating in "Academic Writing for Grade 5-6," students will develop the necessary skills and techniques to become proficient academic writers. The introduction of the DBQ format will equip them with analytical and evidence-based writing abilities. With a focus on critical thinking, organization, and effective use of evidence, students will be well-prepared to excel in academic settings. This course lays the foundation for their continued growth as skilled writers and critical thinkers.

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