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Speech  1st - 8th

Leadership Department

Speech 1st - 2nd

Students in this class focus on introductory public speaking. By becoming familiar with different forms of public speaking, the students will be able to have the opportunity to gain real experience speaking in front of the teacher as well as their classmates. Beginning with Informative and Persuasive Speaking, students will begin to build a plan for giving a speech, face the common fears of speaking, and move on to more limited preparation styles of speaking. Students will also begin to focus on current event topics and become familiar with the world around them and their place in it.

Speech 3rd - 5th

From there, students begin learning how to speak to actuate real world action among their listeners. As they move towards more advanced public speaking topics and current events issues, students will be able to integrate research into their public speaking by learning how to interpret evidence and use it to drive their messages. As they prepare to move on to the debate classes, students will become familiar with basic elements of argumentation and the structure of speaking with a purpose.

Speech 6th - 8th

Students will learn about how to blend critical thinking, heightened rhetoric, and dynamic presentation into a public speech. Students will focus on the multiple forms of public speaking, and also how to captivate an audience in a way that enhances the speaker's message. Students will learn to become increasingly comfortable in front of a crowd, and provide more consideration for the different circumstances and scenarios they may be confronted with in public speaking. Our course objectives ask that students are able to.

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