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SPAR Competition I

Elementary Students

Course Description 

In our SPAR competition class, we will dive into the fundamentals of argumentation and develop skills to engage in debates with limited preparation. Students will be given a topic and a short time frame to prepare, utilizing the SPAR format to debate their opponents. During these intense moments, students will be encouraged to cross-examine their opponents and effectively summarize the essential elements of the debate to frame the discussion for the judge(s). Additionally, students will engage in research to strengthen their arguments and evidence.

As our SPAR competition class progresses, students will have the opportunity to attend tournaments and gain valuable experience. It is important for our students to understand that becoming proficient in the debate is a process, and although it may be challenging to face older and more experienced students, the experience they gain will benefit them in the long run. Throughout the course, we will focus on mastering the elements of an argument, understanding how to apply it to a bigger picture, and competing in a manner that captivates the audience.

By developing strong argumentation skills, considering the broader context, and delivering compelling speeches, our students will build their confidence and persuasive abilities. They will learn to effectively communicate their ideas and engage in thoughtful debate, honing their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

In our SPAR competition class, we foster an environment where students can grow and learn from their experiences. We believe that with dedication and perseverance, our students will continue to improve and excel in the art of debate. By applying the fundamental principles of argumentation and captivating the audience with their compelling presentations, our students will develop valuable skills that will benefit them in their academic pursuits and beyond.

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