R&W Learners I (PreK)


Course Description

Our R&W (Reading and Writing) Learners I Program provides fun and engaging activities that focuses on teaching phonetic sounds and blends for young children, aging from 3 to 5. It is the first of the Reading and Writing series which focuses on teaching correct phonetic sounds, introducing sight words, blending phonetic words and finally, reading and writing short sentences fluently. At the end of our nine-month program, the children will be able to create sentences, blend phonograms, read short passages and answer questions regarding their reading. All of this knowledge will lay down a strong foundation for when they move on to Learners II!

Course Objectives

  • Recognize and identify all 26 capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

  • Understand and identify letter sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of a word.

  • Know how to produce phonetic sounds to blend and read words.

  • Write short sentences.

  • Know how to read and recognize phonograms.

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