Speech Learners I (PreK)


In Speech Learners I, students will be engaged in a number of speaking activities and verbal word games that will help them begin their understanding of forming complete thoughts and ideas. Students can expect to be challenged with follow-up questions, forming their own opinions, coming up with original ideas, and recalling lessons as the class progresses. This class is crafted specifically with your children in mind -- this means teachers are tailoring the lessons to not only meet class goals, but to meet the students’ individual learning needs. Students will enjoy the variety of activities this class has to offer all while learning and practicing their new public speaking skills. This class is crucial for introducing students to valuable lessons that are not offered in their weekly curriculum, but required for success in the academic setting. Here are some of the skills and lessons your student will learn.

  • Introduction to Public Speaking: Getting Comfortable in Front of a Crowd

  • How to Introduce Yourself: Articulation (Speaking Clearly)

  • Foundations of Show-and-Tell

  • Adjectives: Brainstorming Details

  • Elements of Storytelling

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