Advanced Math PreK


iLearn’s Pre-K & K Math Program

iLearn’s Pre-K and Kindergarten math classes are structured a little differently for our little ones. Along with our curriculum, we build a strong math foundation and engage students through fun math activities, songs, and games. Our goal is to instill a positive growth mindset and a lifelong love of learning. Students with a growth mindset believe that their abilities can improve over time through hard work and dedication. We also take the time with our little ones to make sure that they have the appropriate amount of brain breaks so they can concentrate in the classroom.

Class Units for Advanced Math Level Pre-K:

  • Number Sense & Logical Thinking

  • Count & Compare Numbers 1-20

  • Place Value (Up to Tens)

  • Add & Subtract Numbers within 20

  • Identify & Complete Patterns

  • Identify Coins & Count Money (Up to Nickels)

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