Little Einsteins (PreK-K)


Class Description

Our Little Einstein Program focuses on facilitating the six science skills.

1. Observing: Students will use their five senses to observe the world and describe what they experience.

2. Communicating: Students will listen, share and collaborate with others to build on each other’s ideas. 

3. Measuring: Students will use rulers, tape measures, balance scales and other measurement tools in their observations.

4. Predicting: Students will make predictions on science activities and explorations.

5. Testing: Students will use their observations and prior knowledge to assess their ideas and understandings.

6. Inferring: Students will use evidence and reasoning to support arguments.

Students will learn about science in everyday life. Students will sing, dance, and play. Our program will foster imagination, creativity, and inquiry.

Class Units for Little Einsteins:

  • Introduction to Science & Scientific Method/Forces

  • Gravity

  • Light and Waves

  • Speed/ Direction/ Friction

  • States of Matter/ Heating and cooling

  • Introduction to Atoms and Molecules

  • Changes in Matter

  • Energy

  • Simple Machines

  • Buoyany

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