Speech Learners II (K)


Course Description

In Speech Learners II, students will expand their knowledge from the Speech Learners 1 course by engaging in reading and writing activities! Students who did not take the first course need not be concerned as the iLearn teachers are equipped to quickly evaluate each students skillset and customize lessons and learning materials to meet each student’s needs. Students will be asked to express their thoughts in greater detail, tell stories at a longer length, and discover their personal style for delivering speeches. This class pushes students to become more consistently aware of their body, facial expressions, and tone of voice, which are necessary skills for any presentation. The Speech Learners II class will equip your student with the knowledge they will need to succeed in future competitive public speaking and debate classes. Moreover, becoming familiar with public speaking theory and practice prepares students for future academic presentations and professional endeavors.

Course Objectives

  • Students will speak in complete and coherent sentences

  • Students will listen attentively

  • Students will ask questions for clarification and understanding

  • Students will stay on topic when speaking

  • Students will use descriptive words when speaking about people, places, and things

  • Students will retell stories using basic story grammar and relating the sequence of story events

  • Students will relate important personal experiences in simple sequences

  • Students will provide descriptions with careful attention to sensory detail 

Course Outline

  • Self-Introductions: Eye contact, Stance, & Volume

  • Show-and-Tell: Handling & Using Props

  • Presenting to an Audience

  • Introduction to Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Storytelling in Detail: Using Emotion & Tone

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