Mad Einsteins (1st- 3rd)


Class Description

In this course, students will be introduced to a different applications of a variety of sciences that include: biology, chemistry, microbiology, plant science, molecular biology, engineering, ecology, texonomy, and so much more. Students will learn a multitude of scientific concepts through observations, collarboration, experimentation, activities and challenges in each class. This course will have students utilize critical scientific fundamental skills and tevhniques that make a scientist. Students will be challenged in this course with thought-provoking question, critical thinking challenges, quizzes, and activities that test their understanding of the scientific concepts that they learned. Students will not only come out of completing this course with a stronger understanding of the world around them but develop and master essential skills that are necessary for the making of a scientist.

Class Topics

  • Molecular Interaction and Reactions

  • Scientific Questioning and Experimentation

  • Polymers

  • Animal Senses

  • Adaptations and Evolution

  • Energy

  • Ecosystems and Habitats

  • Engineering

  • Pollution

  • Microorganisms

  • Genes and DNA

  • Pollination and Germination

  • Food Webs and Coevolution

  • Defense Mechanisms

  • Homeostais

  • Human Body

  • Classifications

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