Little Lego Enigineering (PreK-K)


Course Description

Our Little Lego Engineers program focuses on supporting students in becoming creative, active, and collaborative learners. In this course, students will create projects that build and extend on one another, learn how to improve and refine their designs, and work collaboratively in building challenges. Students will also learn basic physics and engineering principles and apply them to various projects, such as building structures and simple machines. This course provides an opportunity for students to engage in formal discussions with their peers in which they explain the engineering process and describe the inspiration for their designs.

Students become Creative Learners through:

  • Using logic and reasoning through imaginative play 

  • Learning to build and utilize tools 

  • Exploring and transforming ideas and objects

Students become Active Learners through:

  • Applying their knowledge to Build things in the real world 

  • Expressing their creativeness in the learning environment

  • Becoming leaders

Students become Collaborative Learners through:

  • Working as a team to build on each other’s ideas

  • Reflecting, testing, and discussing  solutions and goals

  • Helping others learn and grow 

Class Unit Example 

  • Three Little Pigs

  • Rainbows

  • Dinorsaur

  • Reptiles

  • Sea Animals

  • Insects

  • Zoo Animals

  • Land Transportation

  • Community Helpers

  • Water Transportation

  • Air Transportation

  • Mazes

  • Pinball

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