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Private School Application

Our mission is to be the most trusted source of expert advice to help students access the transformative power of higher education. Many of our students are interested in private schools, we can assist them with their application process and recommend schools based on their merits, values, and standards.

​​One-on-one with the advisory team

Students are matched with a guidance team composed of professionals, all of whom have extensive application experience, and are closely managed by the private application core team. The matching of the counseling team depends on factors such as the student's target school, hobbies, and personal personality. Guidance services can be provided offline or online. No matter where you are, you can communicate with our consulting team at close range.

Discover your strengths

Preparation work should start a year before the student applies. If you wait until the time to actually write the application, it will be too late. The iLearn private application consultant team will guide students to develop academic interests, participate in and create unique extracurricular activities, improve personal characteristics, cultivate leadership, and ultimately help students find their clear strengths, become better applicants, and achieve higher educational goals.

Tell Your Story

Preparing school application materials involves more than just filling out forms. To fully present a student's achievements and personality in application materials is a very arduous task that requires a lot of energy and time investment. From drawing up a school selection list, to revising documents, to preparing for interviews, the iLearn consultant team will accompany students every step of the way to protect their applications to prestigious schools.

Gain Admission to Prestigious Schools

iLearn has experienced application teachers, abundant resources and strategic application guidance, making your dream school within reach. No matter which school a student prefers, we will do our best to help students improve their chances of getting into their dream school. We have walked this road thousands of times, and we are always ready to accompany more students on this road to higher education.












August - October


Express interest in the school by contacting the admissions office or submitting an online inquiry form

Visit the school campus during a tour or open house event, where prospective families can meet teachers and administrators, and participate in interviews with admission officers

School Tour / Open House / Student and Parent Interview

October - December

Complete the school's application form, which gathers detailed information about the student, including personal details, academic history, extracurricular activities, and any special needs or considerations. Also, submit personal statements or essays from both the student and parent, showcasing the student's interests, goals, values, and the family's reasons for choosing the school.

Application Form/ Student and Parent Statement

October - December

Provide transcripts or report cards from the student's current or previous 1-2 years of schooling to evaluate academic performance, Additionally, secure teacher recommendations that offer insights into the student's abilities, character, and work habits.

Transcripts and Teacher Recommendations

October - December

Take standardized tests like the ISEE or SSAT, as required by the school. The school may also conduct its own assessments or evaluations to assess specific skills and abilities.

Test and Assessment

October - December

Submit all required documents and forms before the specified application deadline. Typically, application deadlines are in late December to early January.

Application Deadline

December - January

Enrollment decisions are typically released around March. If accepted, families receive an enrollment contract, information about tuition and fees, and any additional steps needed to secure the student's place at the school.

Enrollment Decision

February - March

Private Schools

Academies our students have been accepted to

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