Our mission is to collaboratively teach, inspire, and encourage all students through STEM and Language Arts Education, equipping them with the required skills to become active and essential innovators in an advancing world.

About Us

iLearn Education was founded with the singular goal of fostering bright, capable children in order to help them achieve long-term success. We offer enrichment classes in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Robotics Programming to students PreK to 8th Grade.

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Reading & Writing

Our Reading & Writing Program, as part of the English Department, aims to empower students to be creative, to think-outside-the-box, and take a self-directed, leadership stance in their own learning. In the mass communication approach, students will confidently apply their evidence of knowledge in these arenas.

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“Award-Winning Literature” Critique Group

The Award-Winning Literature Group at iLearn Education is an innovative and exciting opportunity for kids to learn by actively reading memorable novels. Each novel is carefully selected to help engage the reader in thoughtful discussion and evaluation.

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Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing Program, as part of the English Department, is an imaginative and exciting process that will prepare our students with the necessary skills to advance into becoming skilled writers. Our collaborative efforts will guide them toward the goal of becoming independent, fluent writers.

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Leadership Department

The goal of the Leadership Department is for students to become empowered public speakers, coming out of their shell so they can speak strongly and clearly about what issues are important to them. By exploring their own interests and passions, they are able to propel their own policies forward by taking time to read and research, analyze and write, and then affirm their cases while respectfully opposing the ideas of others.

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Math Department

Our Advanced/Accelerated Math courses offer math enrichment that is designed to give students an edge in mathematics. Our program is based on four key elements: Core Curriculum, Mental Math, Problem Solving, and exciting iLearn challenges. The material is carefully chosen to challenge students beyond their current grade level.

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Science Department

The goal of our Science Department is to provide our students with an much greater understanding of science. With our hands-on experiments, student’s curiosity will light up, motivating them to continue their interest in science, and explore related fields in later in their education and future careers.

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Robotics Programming Department

Computer programming & digital-making fosters creativity & teaches students critical thinking skills to become proactive learners, with elementary as the ideal period for students to be introduced to these two fields! Our Robotics Programming Department introduces electronics & programming for students in K-7th Grade. We teach kids not only basic programming concepts & skills, but also computing & digital making in a fun and easy ways to understand.

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